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The Art of Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine reflects the people who created it. Both embody subtle beauty and sophisticated balance that are carefully combined to give pleasure.


The beauty takes colourful shape in fruits and vegetables that are exquisitely carved to entice the eye.  Served on china plates, they seem like precision cut gems in the perfect setting.


The balance comes through the skillful combination of spices, herbs and seasonings to orchestrate the fundamental flavors in each dish or the overall meal - hot (spicy), sour, sweet and salty.


Contrary to the sometimes-popular misconception that Thai dishes are mostly hot and spicy, the fact is that far more are pleasantly mild. The heat in spicy dishes usually comes from red or green chili peppers. Thais call them "phrik" and have slyly amusing names for the hottest of them. Your server can bring you up speed on chilies, from the mildest to the scorchingly strong.


From Thailand to You

Some of the more exotic, evocative flavours are imparted by other ingredients that come to your plate directly from Thailand – and ensure Simply Thai dishes are truly Thai.


There's just no substitute for Kaffir lime leaves. They have an intensely aromatic citrus fragrance and add just the right amount of bite when required. They're widely used in soups. Another essential import is Thai basil, which has a stronger presence than other varieties. Its lush, deep green leaves, purplish flower buds and stems also carry anise overtones along with its sweet basil scent. Then there is pandun leaf, used in both savoury and sweet dishes to impart its inimitable flavour.


Authentic ingredients. The freshest of local produce and choice seafood and meats. And Grace's Royal Thai training and native inventiveness. It's a beautiful and balanced combination you won't taste anywhere else.

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